Turning a Warehouse into a Community: A Story of Humanity

Joe Campbell was a healthcare administrator, a county commissioner, and a senator. He never envisioned himself as a nursing home resident. Withering away in a large nursing home, Joe thought that he no longer had societal value. Chambers Village more closely resembled a geriatric warehouse. Residents with vacant stares lined up along the hallways. Strict schedules and a sterile medical environment became their lives. But using his strategic planning skills and the help of the nursing home administrator and other residents, they created a vision to make a home for the four hundred fifty people who resided in Chambers Village. A home that provided the residents who lived there with the opportunity to live as a family-making their own decisions and helping to care for one another. This is a book of hope for anyone who has felt that they are incapable of making changes to their living situation. This story provides insight into our fears of aging and our hope for humanity.

--N. Jean Dobay