Understanding the Plan of REDEMPTION

In the realm of time, life is very short. Time goes by quickly. In a moment of time, one can die and this life is over, but what happens after this? There are many views throughout the history of mankind. Starting at an early age, these views are shaped by what is taught from parents, school, religious upbringing, and experience. All impact what we believe. But what is the truth about death? Is there a heaven or hell? Did Jesus really have to die for the sins of mankind? Does everyone go to heaven? Are you going to heaven? Or, rather, is everyone hell-bound from natural birth? This book will take you on a journey through the infallible Word of God to unveil God’s plan of redemption and answer these questions. The answers may even surprise you.

This book is a love story, a love story of God for His creation, mankind. It is a love story of God and you. God has always wanted a family. He has always wanted you in His eternal family. The plan of redemption is a love story of how God restored His family, mankind, to Him. The plan of redemption is a wonderful and amazing act of God’s love and grace for mankind, a revelation of God’s nature, which is LOVE. Understanding the plan of redemption will provide a better comprehension of God and His unconditional love for you. It will forever change your life. This book reveals the intricate details of what God planned and went through to save and preserve mankind from eternal damnation, and what God went through for you personally. He did it all for you. So enjoy reading about this love story, and receive its benefits and know how you can have peace now and after death because of God’s plan of redemption.

--Jay Hudson

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