Understanding the Strength of Focus

This is a practical book that teaches about discovering reasons for living and focusing on them. When men discover reasons for living and focus on them, they share in the omnipotence of God. Steps that lead to a place of honor must be followed in focus. A snail that is moving unwaveringly in a given direction will arrive faster than a deer running helter-skelter.

Understanding the Strength of Focus is a book that concentrates its attention on the following:

Energies and virtues are saved when they are channeled toward a given purpose.

The ability to be focused is the first principle of dominion.

Whatsoever men look at steadily, they will see clearer.Focus is an antidote against frustration and confusion.

Focused men can't be separated from the ruling power of God.

It is only vision that can guarantee focus.

Those who put their hands on kingdom plough are not expected to turn.

--Chris Christian

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