Vacation Bible School: Then and Now

From the 1980s to the year 2019, things sure have changed. I have been blessed to be a part of such a time as this. Little did I know God would use my life to unfold the pages of this book. Just like the seasons are throughout a year, so are the seasons of our lives. If you were the pastor, the VBS director, a teacher, a kid, a song leader, a game leader, a craft leader, a way of transportation, or maybe you just offered up prayer or maybe you just laid out the cookies and Kool-Aid at VBS, this book is for you! All different ages, all different nationalities come together for one purpose. Some we win, some we lose. There are the highs and lows. There's laughter and tears, but we cannot afford to give up on anyone. Are we willing to be the mothers and fathers or a friend to a parentless generation? Yes, we are! Go with me and bring back the memories of your VBS. Everyone's is different.

--Gwen Holt