Valley of the Dreamers

In the Valley of the Dreamers, there were many tiny little fairies in a large village, hidden from the outside world. There were also magic special unicorns. They were a no-no to the fairies; they were taken care of by two caregivers. Two little fairies decided to visit the unicorns. They quickly climbed on their backs and flew to a faraway distant land. It was Hicktown, in human land. The two fairies were held prisoners, were questioned and manhandled. They were frightened out of their wits. In the end, they escaped by the skin of their teeth. When they arrived home, they thanked the fairy God and the unicorns for getting them through their difficult journey. Sometimes your dreams are right in front of you. In the end, they learned home is the best place and where your heart is.

--Dr. Jozsef Linszky