Wait! You're Next in Line!: Understanding the Process of Waiting on the Manifestation of God’s Promises in Your Life

Wow! The best is yet to come to those who are willing to wait on God’s timing! WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING ON GOD FOR A WHILE? WHEN YOUR PRAYERS HAVEN’T BEEN ANSWERED? YOU JUST WAIT! Author Willa Dean Montgomery shares strategies that will change the way you approach troubles in your life, helping you understand the process of you waiting on the manifestation of God’s promises in your life.You need to know these five keys to help you to be successful in your wait:*Everything begins with a process.*God does everything with a purpose in mind.*Your waiting on God is not in vain.*Without faith it is impossible to please God.*God cannot lie.Waiting on God will take faith and patience. But when you wait on God, God is building your character so you can become mature to handle the blessings. All blessings and promotions come from God, and God is preparing you to fulfill your destiny. This book will encourage you to remain faithful to God as you wait on Him no matter what troubles you are facing.WAIT! YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE!

--Willa Dean Montgomery

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