Waiting to Bloom

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

This scripture reference appears light and encouraging when first read, but how does it stand up to the challenges of real life?

What happens when you have faced challenges and find yourself asking, “Where are you God?” or “How long must I wait?” or even “Why aren’t you listening?” Many of us have been faced with questioning if we can really depend on a God that we cannot see, including the author of Waiting to Bloom.

After experiencing multiple heartbreaks and difficulties from early childhood on, Kathleen finds herself doubting that a life without confusion and pain could really exist. Locked within her man-made cage of isolation, she finds she is able to tackle worldly obstacles while maintaining a safe distance from opening herself up to additional pain and hurt – but these safety measures carry a heavy burden emotionally.

Desiring to be free, she begins on a journey to find lasting joy, happiness, and the possibility of learning to trust. Follow along as Kathleen’s life journey continues with multiple unforeseen twists and turns and a growing wonder: Will life always be based on fear, pain, and brokenness?

Join Kathleen as she opens her heart, shares her story, and reveals what she has learned about fear, trust, and the one true answer to her pain.

--Kathleen M. Holden