Walking with Father on the Trail

Through a very strange set of circumstances, my family and I found ourselves walking down a trail. This trail led us to a wonderful experience that brought us closer to God than we could ever imagine. That trail was long and hard, literally decades of unexplainable illnesses and hardships that brought us an understanding of ourselves and how we fit into His plan. Those hardships made us believe that we were living in hell on earth. We lost hope, which caused us to commit some costly sins and mistakes in our lives. But then something miraculous happened that changed us forever. I would like to say that we found God, but that is not the way it happened. God found us. One sunny day, my dad was walking on a hike-and-bike trail near my home, and something happened. God began walking with Dad on that trail, talking with him while they walked. Those conversations were kept in a journal that my dad kept. From that journal, we wrote a book about those experiences so that everyone could learn what we learned.

--Richard Mahan