Water in the Word: Daily Bible Reading and Activity Workbook

Can you write a praise song or poem like Moses and Miriam sang?

Joseph had many temptations, how do you overcome bad influences?

The Israelites had many feasts to remember their past, what traditions does your family celebrate?

Did Job's wife use bad language?

When Jonah washed up on shore, did he look like Ninevah's man-fish Dagon?

How do we get "in Christ" and is Jesus's resurrection important?

What is a 66 Club?

What does the word justification mean?

And much more.

These questions are answered by using the Scriptures (NIV Bible 2011) as the guiding principle to learn lessons from Water in the Word. Mrs. Maxon, a longtime Bible class teacher and grandmother, wrote this workbook to help the young reader through teenagers learn life lessons from the Bible emphasizing stories using the theme of "water." Do you know a young person you can influence to love and serve the Lord for a lifetime? This fifty-two-lesson (only two pages each) workbook is for you to help the younger generation. It is "jam-packed" with memory work, short Bible reading selections, research, interviews, and other activities including using a Bible atlas and coping with negative peer pressure in our culture. The Bible presents a unique plan for our world, our bodies, and our salvation. Join me, your travel host, through the Word of God which will become a journey of a lifetime.

--Winona A. Maxon

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