What Can I Do?: Assurance That You Can Do It

Oftentimes, we have dreams and plans placed on hold. They are on hold for various reasons. At times we have excuses such as “When I have extra money, when I lose the weight, when I get married, when I start a church or when I attain a certain level in life, then I will pursue my dreams.”

These excuses are often caused by lack of planning, fear, insecurities, and lack of commitment. As a result, this makes one’s dreams/plans seem farfetched and unattainable. Generally, the path may not seem clear; you are stagnant, waiting for a step that is waiting on you to move. Look around you. What is it that you have now that you could use to start the journey to fulfill your dream?

I had a desire in my heart to write a book. I opened my laptop, did some research, and when I finally got to it, all I had to do was start typing. Now you are reading my book!

I also wanted to learn how to play the piano and the violin. I purposed to find music teachers who offered these classes at a reasonable price. I have started learning to play the piano, and so far, I’m enjoying it, thanks to David. Losing weight was also on my priority list, I purchased a workout video, then joined a gym, and eventually, paid for a personal trainer.

It is my strong belief that we already have what we need to get to where we want to be. I encourage you to start, for the assistance you need is along the way.

This is a journey intended to inspire you to use your current resources as a vehicle that will take you to places you want to be and beyond.

--Charlotte C. Chabuka

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