What Every Human Must Know: A Testimony of Triumph

Many people have sought for the ultimate meaning of finding God in all sort of ways, but are never able to find the peace of mind and satisfaction for which they are searching. They've come to realize that there is something vitally missing in their lives and despite all their efforts are unable to remove the guilt of sin that separates them from their creator. This book thoroughly explains how to be reunited with our creator. Many have come to this crossroad facing the following questions looking for answers: (1) What is God's Name? (2) How am I made righteous in God's sight? (3) How do I worship God that I might come into covenant with Him? In this book Minister Franklin unfolds answers and shares his testimony to encourage every believer so they can understand how there faith in Jesus Christ is made complete through there obedience to God's word. This book has revelation knowledge of God's plan and purpose for you in how to receive the blood of Jesus and the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

--Joshua T. Franklin

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