What Hope Looks Like

“Time brings so many changes” may be the understatement of 2020 as the pandemic has affected so many so quickly. When we may have otherwise been able to gain our footing, if only given more time to learn and find another way to work through our problems, time itself seemed to be the enemy, often passing by too quickly before we found solid ground and while we were still searching for what we can trust and in whom we can place our hope.

I’m hoping the story inside these pages passes on the story of true Hope found only in Christ, who knows our days "before one of them came to be" (Psalm 139:16 NIV) and who holds us in His "right hand" (Psalm 139:10 NIV). As we learn of Him by reading His Word and hearing of the life He led, Christ teaches all of us (even Santa) to follow His example and help each other all through the year, not just December 25, and to remember the “one thing [that] is needful” is God’s message of love and hope (Luke 10:42).

--Tamie Stockman-Heagy

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