What You Can Learn From the Teachings of Jesus

The teachings of Jesus include one hundred and one didactic lessons and forty parables that challenge the mind and the heart. Jesus taught with authority, and people listened and learned from him the things they needed to know.

The didactic lessons teach us who Jesus is, how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit, what the nature of sin is, what the purpose of prayer is, how to serve God and others, how to be a good example, what things we should avoid in life, how to get to heaven, and how to be a disciple of Christ.

The parables illustrate a spiritual or moral truth. Understanding a parable requires one to study it diligently and seek to learn its spiritual or moral meaning. Parables reveal truth only to those who desire to know what is true and maintain an open mind and eagerness to learn.

If you can learn all that Jesus taught, you will be richly blessed and well prepared to live the best life and travel down the narrow road that leads to heaven.

--David Hawkins