What's For Dinner?: Affordable Gluten-Free Recipes the Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Don and Kathy were married for over twenty years before the pains and personality changes began. Blood tests indicated a rise in the liver enzymes, and a liver biopsy revealed that Don, who never drank, had nonalcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. As devastating as this news was, it did not explain the constant pain that seemed to worsen with each meal.

After many doctor’s appointments and non-diagnoses, the test for gluten-intolerance was done, and long story short, Don was officially diagnosed with Celiac Sprue and was told to not have one speck of gluten in his diet from that moment on or he would have an esophageal bleed that he wouldn’t recover from within the next two months.

The world of gluten-free meal preparation became the norm, and it wasn’t long before friends and family members started asking for help too. Hence, this cookbook came about out of necessity and made it so that the whole family could enjoy every meal without having to make special dishes just for her husband alone.

--Mrs. Kathy Lerum Mattison

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