What's Your Sacrifice?

Have you ever been in a bad situation and need guidance? Have you ever been all alone and feel like no one is ever there for you when you need them most? Have you wanted to ask God why did He let something happen or why is He not answering your prayers? If you have ever been in a situation where you are uncertain of what your next steps are or how to go about moving forward, this book is for you!

This God-driven love story is Natasha's true account for sharing her single journey while being led by God. Although she is a Christian, she was not always in God's will. She tells her journey in the most honest yet humorous way. Natasha relives her dating journey and pairs her story with scripture to encourage you biblically about dating, staying focused, and seeking God in all you do.

"A modern-day miracle for Christian dating" is what one single person called it. This book shares a journey from being single to getting married and the many miracles that were noticed along the way.

Just as God sacrificed His son for your sins, you must decide what your sacrifice will be to claim success in anything you do. Ask yourself: What's Your Sacrifice?

--Dr. Natasha Bunch Alexander PMP®