When God Calls You to The Principal's Office: Teachers and Principals Reclaiming Their Schools for God, One Heart at a Time

Jerry's Story is one man's journey through the trials and errors of his educational career, his marriage, and life. With each blunder and boneheaded mistake he makes, Jerry witnesses firsthand the undeserving mercy and grace handed down from God. Each and every time Jerry's pride digs a hole too big to climb out, the Lord pulls him up and reveals a new lesson. As God patiently convicts Jerry's heart, Jerry learns the true meaning of discipline, leadership, and God's desired treatment of His children. However, it took a mistake that almost claimed Jerry's life that eventually led him to realizing how "God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose."

The most valuable lesson learned is how we can begin reclaiming our schools for God one heart at a time. It begins with taking a good hard look at our own motives and intentions and then purposefully and meticulously building a foundation under our classrooms and schools that will withstand and outlast the winds, rains, and storms.

--Lanier T. Northrup