When I Get to Heaven

When I Get to Heaven is a fun and whimsical story depicting all the glorious things a child could ever expect to find in heaven. Fully illustrated in bright vivid colors that can hardly even be imagined here on earth. Beautifully written in rhyming text that is engaging and comforting. Easy to read for any child with detailed pictures children will love to read again and again. Children will see the wonders God has prepared for us. When I Get to Heaven talks about the loved ones we will see again and being greeted by our Heavenly Father and meeting Jesus. It tells of all the wonderful things we will be able to do in heaven, the feeling of total love and lack of sorrow or pain. This story will soothe any worries or concerns a child may have about what awaits all of us who accept Godís love and blessings.

-- Angela Pullen Atherton