Where is Peace?

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, it changed everything from the way God intended for it to be. Romans 5:12. God's desire from day one in the beginning was to have fellowship with man kind. With that being said, many has asked why didn't God stop sin before it happened? If God had created us that way, we would have been no different than the angels. We would not understand the true meaning of the love of God. God gave man the ability to make his own choice, to love God back and want to have fellowship with Him. But the human race in our hearts, want to follow our on lust, to do, to have, and to seek after the things of the world instead of the things of God. We cannot do God's will without having Jesus in our hearts, for it is the love of God, through Christ that changes a man's heart.

Stop to think for a second how such a God that has created the earth, the moon, the stars, and everything in all the universe, would want to have fellowship with us. Out of all His creations, mankind means the most to Him. We meant so much, that He sent his son Jesus to be born in flesh itself, to face hatred, sufferings and pain like we do, that we could learn of His true love toward mankind, Romans 5:8. Man's sin has brought all the sufferings on this earth that we face today. But God gave us His Son Jesus, to be for us the door way to find peace that only God can give, and the way back to God Himself, Romans 5:1-2

--Daryl G. Chamlee