Whimsy, Reality, and Green Tomatoes

For a lifetime, William Sanborn has been a keen observer of the world around him. Little in life escapes his gaze, but it's the poignant moments that are indelibly engraved in his psyche-there to pester him until he scrawls them on paper, then to lie dormant under a headstone of granite.

But then there was the stirring, the knock on the door of psyche, the one he'd ignored for so long-a persistent call, "Set us free! Set us free!" And so he was moved to relent. He brought out the long dormant sheets of paper-hundreds of them-with all their tales and twists. In the light of day once more, they began to dance and sing their tales-real again.

But the ragged nature of his words began to annoy him. There's a story here somewhere, so let's separate it from the flab, strip it to the very bones, and flesh it out again.

In doing so, he learned to question the unquestionable, mix ambiguity with metaphysics, and play paradox against dilemma. Then arrange it just so, to create vivid vignette in the mind of readers.

Tread carefully in this book and most likely you will find yourself in there a time or two.