Whisper to Me, Sweet Breath of Life Divine

Randal Cobleigh, seventy-year-old author and poet, suffered through fifteen years of opiate addiction from debilitating arthritis, four knee replacements, a broken hip, and a total of twelve major surgeries in ten years.

"When I reached five hundred pounds, I began to fight back and regain my life. The secret to my success was the amazing support by my wife, Beth, and of course the doctors, surgeons, and physical therapists that I encountered almost daily for many of those years. I was encouraged to get bariatric bypass weight-loss surgery. My surgeon is a medical pioneer in this field. One year later, I have lost over two hundred pounds, and I just get better every day.

"Recipient of several medical miracles and also bestowed with greatly enhanced creative abilities, I have found my voice in the wilderness and immersed myself in the river of love and knowledge."

--Randal Cobleigh

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