Why Can't Pookie Come To School? A Pookie and Joey Series

Why Canít Pookie Come to School? is a heartwarming story about a five-year-old boy and his best friend, Pookie, who happens to be the family cat. It teaches young children that although they may be unhappy and fearful of events to come, they will discover that everything has a way of working out in the end. To a child, what might appear to be an overwhelming and frustrating situation can turn out to be a blessing. The book also teaches compassion, patience, and the ability to trust in those who love them. It should appeal to preschool children as well as those in kindergarten and through some elementary grades. Children will fall in love with Joey, his classmates, and his amazing best friend, Pookie. Look for more Pookie and Joey stories in the near future.

--Kathi Murriello