Why Is This So Hard? : 7 Factors Affecting Your Personal Experience of Grief

We've all been told, "There's no right or wrong way to grieve. It's different for everybody." But my gosh, it is very hard! The bounty of well-intended comments that are meant to comfort can feel more like salt in a wound, invalidating your anguish. Does the help you seek still come in the "traditional form"? Does it feel like a compassionate pat on the arm coupled with, "It will get better, I promise"? Does it seem like the enlightened ones are giving you sugarcoated tips on what you should do to get through this? You want to know why this pain feels like the end of you. You want to know, "Why this is happening to me in this way?" Oftentimes, understanding the nuances of your unique situation offers a distinctive form of comfort. Learning a little bit about yourself can set you on a path to healing. My hope and prayer are that you find some solace for your hurting heart and some answers as to why this is so hard.

--Kathy Renner

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