Wild Mountain Lu

Wild Mountain Lu is a captivating story about a little lupine who seed that experiences many adventures along the way of becoming a beautiful plant and flower. From a hiker knocking him out of his cozy seed pod onto the hard ground below, to a bad storm with strong winds that made him fly high in the air, to heavy rain water that floated him into a hole, where he was finally planted and protected through the cold winter months. During that time, many changes took place in the little seed. And in the spring, he became a beautiful flowering plant. But he was quite without a name. Making a list of all the facts they knew about the little plant, his new friends in the high mountain meadow, found the perfect name for him!

With a touch of adventure, and moments of discovery and new beginnings, Wild Mountain Lu provides a delightful picture book, or first-reader story, that keeps young children entertained, interested, informed, and inspired while wanting to know what will happen next as they feel compassion and concern for the little seed.

At times, life may seem awkward and scary when you’re little. But just like the little seed, children learn that growing up brings many good changes. The story illustrates that, no matter how difficult situations seem, there is always hope and others around to help you!

--Jeffrey Baer

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