Will You Still Remember Me?: A Story of Redemption

IT WAS JUST AFTER THE NEW YEAR and we were playing with the Ouija board my sister bought for Christmas. I heard him ask the board, “When will I die?” Stunned, I personally witnessed the triangle streak across the word “Good-bye” hitting the wall hard on the opposite side of the room. My son would be dead three months later.

• This true story is a look into a young mother’s search for why she continued to live and breathe. Expecting the sun never to rise again after the sudden death of her sixteen-year-old only son, she hated God for letting him die. Suicidal but staying alive for the sake of her daughter, she attempts to deaden her pain and remorse with alcohol.

• Her intense desire to understand life-after-death (is there one?) took her into the shifting foundation of metaphysics spiraling her downward into an uncertain world of acting and New Age/Eastern mysticism.

• Is it possible to find peace of mind that stays with you and doesn’t go away after you sober up? Is Buddhism the way to understanding and spiritual enlightenment?

Will You Still Remember Me? A Story of Redemption will give you hope when you think there is none. This true story of Josephine’s conversion experience will keep you heading in the right direction, the only direction that leads to Truth and Eternal Life.

--Josephine White