Wings Of Grace: A Heart That Speaks

“How I carried you on eagles wings and brought you to Myself.” (Exodus 19:4)Wings of Grace will cause you to soar higher than you ever imagined. This book will take you to a quiet resting place where you can be alone with God and get to know His warm and tender heart.You’ll get to know the Holy Spirit and begin to experience the favor of God, a word of encouragement and inspiration. Your faith will begin to expand, and you will find God’s power for your everyday life.From this book, you’ll receive revelation from God to help you value, gain knowledge, and understand the Bible. You will learn not to exchange the grace and truth God provides for a lie or for the opinion of others. Wings of Grace will carry you right into faith, and as you press in, your prayer life will be transformed, and you’ll learn to conquer all your fears. The Anointing of God’s Presence will draw you into God Himself, with His loving arms wrapped around you.Wings of Grace was written with you in mind to receive the Master’s healing touch that will free you and heal you.

--Liboria Arcuri

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