Winter Haven

Skylar Montgomery finds her visit back home in Winter Haven, Alaska to be more than she had bargained for. It is supposed to be a weeklong vacation home for the holidays. Instead, she finds her workhorse boss Landon Finley bringing work her way. She starts to fall for her boss but quickly realizes her past love, Sawyer James Hartt, is no longer just the past. It is unfinished between the two. The two come to terms that they are still madly in love with one another, and Sawyer will do just about anything to make a second chance count with Skylar.Both Sawyer and Skylar face life and death with a dangerous man who torments Skylar for her rejection. She is tested and pushed to her breaking point of revenge. This is a story of a girl who thought she lost everything and almost did at the cost of love. But she later finds the journey leads her to a place she is meant to be all along.

--Bethany Warner

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