Worship with Us

Wow! This story will remain in your hearts! You will want to read it again and again. Experience church through a child's eyes. Go on a faith journey with a family experiencing church together with their eyes on being Jesus's followers.The parents page is encouraging, inspiring, thought-provoking, eye-opening, and prayerful including scripture. It speaks about their immeasurable influence on their children's faith.These memories they experience in church will be cherished forever!Shine the light of Christ for your children to witness. See how the parents in this story model what worshiping looks like. Their children are watching everything they do and say. This is how they learn, how they will show their love for Jesus.This story begins with a chaotic, funny morning scene getting ready for church. They learn they are being obedient and faithful to the Lord going to church. At church, children learn that worshiping includes listening to God's Word when the pastor is preaching the sermon, taking notes in a journal, singing, and raising hands, praising the Lord during music worship.Do you wear Christian faith jewelry like a cross? Would you be able to explain what it means to you? Have you ever thought about dating Jesus? Think about what a beautiful intimate relationship with Jesus would look like.This story speaks to both children and parents in such a beautiful way following Jesus! After reading and immersing yourself in the meaning of this book, you will have a new look into how people worship in church.

--Shelley Erickson

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