Wounded Eagle : The Politically Correct Seduction of the Law in Kentucky

Wounded Eagle: The Politically Correct Seduction of the Law in Kentucky, is a journal describing to the circumstances, legal processes, and eventual outcomes impacting a dedicated group of individuals associated with a routine Title IX sexual harassment investigation conducted in February 2013. What follows is the account of a disturbing legal process that resulted in the charging and prosecution of six various staff members of a Kentucky At-Risk Youth program conducting operations on a federal installation. These six staff members conducted themselves properly and in accordance with all known processes and procedures. This journal points out inconsistencies employed and used throughout the period from August 2013 until February 2016, that while allowed were in contravention with published Department of Justice expectations. This journal identifies serious necessary changes in our federal system of justice while providing a real-world warning of what can happen to good people who are accurately and conscientiously following known processes and procedures. Do we want a justice system that can convict an innocent person based solely on a "gotcha" statute? I hope this understanding of what can happen to innocent, though uninformed, individuals will result in a knowledge that prevents this from happening to future covered professionals on federal lands and hopefully causes a reexamination of our elements of justice and the elimination of this terrible outcome.

--COL (Ret) John W. Smith