Write It Down and Make It Plain

As a mother, mentor, teacher, and a certified Christian Life Coach, Sonise Carri has made it her mission to empower, motivate, and support individuals to get to the next level in life. With the challenges we face day to day, it is essential that we walk with a renewed and sound mind. We can no longer depend on our own knowledge. There must be a dependency on God who is the author and finisher of our faith; to direct and lead us to peace, continual joy, and wisdom to maneuver in the current world we live in. Coach Carri comes to bring guidance and support with life experience, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that has been imparted to her from Holy Ghost through the word of God. This journal is a guide to motivate anyone to challenge themselves to achieve much in life. Success is setting goals and accomplishing them. Don’t stop once you accomplish one goal; challenge yourself for the next level, and you will see all the greatness that is in you. This journal is designed to bring greatness out of you. Once you are done with your 90-day journey, let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you and about all the great things that you have accomplished and how your circle has changed or grown, etc.

Are you ready to live the life that God has for you?

--Sonise Carri

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