Yes, Jesus Loves Me

I'm compelled to write my story not to tell about myself but to write about the love and miracles of Jesus Christ. I'm convinced that if you truly believe in GOD with all your heart and soul and if you have complete faith in him and get to know him, follow the Ten Commandments. He will be with you through all your trials and complications. Remember, we're all sinners and that no one is perfect. But you must believe in GOD and you must have a relationship with him. He knows, sees, and hears everything. It doesn't matter what type of life you lead or what sins you've committed. Just try to stay true to his commandments. We all fall short, but by asking for his forgiveness, we will be forgiven. I can testify to his grace. I can testify to his love. I know that he loves me, for he has told me so.

--Gregory Sparks