You Are Not Alone: Finding God to Fight the Suicide Battle

This book is meant to encourage people who struggle with mental illness or anyone who struggles with suicidal thought, by finding God’ s love and purpose for their lives. I have had suicidal thoughts since my twenties and survived one suicidal attempt, so I know firsthand how God has saved my life. It’s about taking a journey with God who wants to love you and save you because your life is special. He wants you to let go of past traumas or disappointments or negativity and know you have a good future He has planned for you. By His amazing grace and guidance, you can find your unique gifts and purpose for your life. When you find this purpose, the suicidal thoughts will fade away and no longer dominate your mind. You will want to live your life with meaning and hope. Because of my bipolar illness and even with medication, the struggle has been long and hard, but suicidal thoughts no longer have a tight grip on me. God has changed my life, and He will change yours too. Find God and find freedom from these struggles. God will be there through the good and the bad, and He can even take the bad and work it out for your good. Don’t ever give up on your life because there is a reason to live. God is with you through this journey called life so you are not alone!

--Regina Iseman

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