Zechariah: An Apocalypse

Many teachers understand that context is everything. From the annuals of history, humanity has generally known what has occurred upon the earth for the last two millennia. Concerning the first two millennia before the common era, humanity uses the science of archeology to verify the written word of our fathers to better understand the civilizations of our ancestors. And only in the cradles of civilization, by the guide of experts, can humanity roughly estimate what has occurred during the third and fourth millennia before the common era. For now, we speak of the birth of civilization commonly associated with the written word. Life can be daunting as people often keep secret their word. Yet one matter, which has been ridiculed by some and cherished by others throughout all millennia, is not kept secret. I wish you could see what I have seen. Do not despair; you will see what I have seen. I hope that you meet your Creator with joy. It is my prayer that the hidden truths of life will benefit you. For many, including myself, have prayed for the context of where our world is heading in the third millennium of the common era. And many promises have been made throughout all millennia. I do not wish to confuse you, for large societies are quite complex, requiring great patience. Yet the L-rd G-d remembers. (Enjoy the fishes.)

--Christopher Phillip

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