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Become a Published Author and Experience the CFP Difference!

  • Author retains 100% rights to their work
  • Professional book editing
  • Award winning design teams
  • Worldwide digital and physical book distribution
  • Customized press release campaigns
  • Highest paying royalty structure in the publishing industry

We Sell Our Books At Major Retailers and Utilize the Top Distributors in the Industry!

Bringing your Book To Print

With our enthusiastic team of qualified editors, typesetters, illustrators, cover designers and publicity experts, we have the tools and skills to transform your rough draft into a professionally printed hard-copy book and reader-friendly eBook.

Every manuscript receives a comprehensive review for grammatical, organizational, spelling, word usage and consistency by one of our seasoned editors before it can be published.

A Typeset Artist will creatively design the pages of your book using elements of typographical style in order to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing final product. Any illustrations created by our award winning artists will also be placed during this stage.

A Cover Designer from our highly skilled design team will, using input and direction from you, produce an eye-catching cover for your book.

After your book has been fully prepared, it will be professionally printed on premium paper with a full-color glossy cover and "perfect" binding. The printed hard-copy, along with your eBook edition, will then be made available to the public via our worldwide distribution channels.

Marketing & Publicity Campaign

Once we have completed your hard-copy printed book and corresponding eBook, we will begin a unique and effective marketing and publicity campaign.

A professional press release will be created and sent to thousands of media outlets to create a "buzz" about your book.

A high-quality webpage about you and your book will be created and hosted on the CFP website. It will feature your cover, a brief synopsis of the book and links to where readers can purchase it.

Every book we publish is distributable worldwide to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and online retailers including, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iTunes.

Our authors are very proud to have published with us - here is what a few have to say:

"I was looking for a publisher that could make it happen! The cover design, illustrations and the book trailer were the most prevalent parts of the process. The focus on the end with the press release was exceptional. The publication specialist was most beneficial, providing direction and guidance regarding the publication process. I most definitely recommend CFP to other authors."
-Dr. David England

"WOW, the redesign on my initial book cover looks better than ever. My design suggestions were implement- ed but the actual design is better than I could have ever imagined. My designer was so easy to work with, thank you CFP. I am so excited that you chose to publish my book."
-Burdell Brown

"CFP is an excellent company. I am thrilled to be one of their published authors! My Literary Agent, Holly, was very encouraging and helped streamline everything through the early stages of the process. My Publication Specialist, Carrie, worked tirelessly throughout production. She communicated each step, coordinated everyone involved, and made sure to get every detail just right. I am so pleased with the final product. I highly recommend CFP and look forward to working with them on my next book."
-Danette Zurbuchen

A few of our recently published books

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