52 Essential Qualities and Attributes (Q & As) of an Organizational Leader: How to Transform Your Leadership Habits in 52 weeks

260 Provocative Organizational Leadership Questions Answered!In this book, Dr. PAT presents a weekly experiential guide for executive leaders to raise their leadership-awareness by employing the power of consistency over time to help them achieve success. “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened,” said Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher. It is this profound quote that 52 Essential Qualities and Attributes of an Organizational Leader: How to transform your leadership habits in 52 weeks sheds light on to enhance self-awareness of practical intrinsic leadership characteristics vital to a leader’s performance and operational success. This book identifies leadership qualities and attributes (Q&As) and aligns them into 5 categories: 1. Command – Power Access2. Follower Engagement – “Street” Credibility 3. Personal Growth – Experiential Confidence4. Professional Dominance – Mission Effectiveness5. Operational Leadership – Vision AttainmentPat lays out a practical method for a leader to intentionally think through and answer weekly provocative questions asked in a Why, Who, When, Where, and, What format. The leader then hones fundamental leadership Q&As within their circle of influence to determine “How” to effectively achieve desired success. By applying the compounding value of consistency over time through self-assessment, the leader develops strengthened leadership habits and “muscle” memory that lead to successful attainment of visionary excellence in operational leadership.

--Pat A. Tamakloe, Ph.D.