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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes CFP a Christian Publisher other than its name?

Christian Faith Publishing is one of the largest publishers in North America supporting Christian authors. Unlike other publishing houses CFP has a strict guideline on what we publish.  We look specifically to publish books that further the Kingdom of Christ or deliver a positive message. While we want our authors content in the hands of everyone, we also want to deliver it to the retail book locations Christians visit frequently. Our partnership with Ingram and Spring Arbor allows us access to distribute titles into Family Christian and Lifeway locations as well as secular retail markets such as Barnes & Noble.

How much will I make for each digital book sold?

In most instances, books we distribute through Apple iTunes or Amazon will result in 70% net revenue to the author (with Apple/Amazon keeping the other 30% as their sales commission). Accordingly, if your book is available on these platforms for a retail price of $9.95, you would receive net revenue of $6.97 from Apple or Amazon, and remit only 50 cents to us.

Will you handle all aspects of the publishing process for me?

We will handle every aspect of the publishing process for you; editing, page design and typesetting, cover design, printing, distribution, copyright registration, press release creation and distribution and royalty management. Most importantly- we do all of this for only a minimal investment on your part and 50 cents per book sold, while you retain all rights and ownership in your book and in all work we create on your behalf.

Will my book be available in international markets?

Absolutely. Your book will be available globally (U.S., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, U.K., etc.) through Amazon and Apple iTunes.

Where will my book be sold?

We publish and distribute our author’s books through online platforms such as Apple’s iTunes and the Amazon Kindle store, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. We also distribute physical copies of your book through Ingram and Spring Arbor so that traditional brick and mortar stores can stock your book.

Where are you located? Can I visit your offices?

We are located in Meadville, Pennsylvania in the U.S., and Toronto, Ontario, and we love visits from aspiring authors. Simply let us know what day you would like to come for a visit and we will arrange an appointment.

I previously published my book elsewhere. Can I switch to Christian Faith Publishing?

Absolutely- you are always free to switch publishers.  We would simply re-publish your previously published work as a “second edition.” We can also correct any errors that occurred during the prior publication process and work to improve your book by redesigning the cover if needed or embarking on an enhanced publicity campaign, etc.

Will I get physical copies of my book?

Yes. Additional copies will be instantly available to you as you need them simply by contacting us.

What do you need to review my book?

A completed manuscript typed in almost any digital format is preferable. If your manuscript is typed the old-fashioned way or handwritten, we can still review it. We accept PDFs, Microsoft Word or any other text editor program files. If you have your manuscript in a different format, just let us know – chances are we can work with it.

How long will it take to publish my book?

We strive to publish our books within 6 – 8 months, but many authors see their books available through major print and online distribution channels within 5 – 6 months.

How much might this cost me if my book is accepted?

While the investment required of our accepted authors to bring a book to the world-wide market varies based upon the intricacies of each book, all of our authors are fortunate enough to undertake the production, distribution and marketing of their book via a short-term, affordable monthly installment plan which is to be recovered by the author from book sale proceeds before we are entitled to any royalty compensation whatsoever!

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