Some of our recent titles
  • For You, My Child

    Do you ever read God's Word, the Bible, and just think about it as a historical book, or in general terms? This book will show you what the Lord meant it to be as He talks to those willing to listen and take the time to see how it applies to their new life, or this new life that God offers to all. This book focuses on, in different ways, what the Lord says to all believers as a group and to an ind...

  • American History

    There is only one lawgiver, and it isn't man! We've wandered far from our founding; we're no longer a free people in spite of being told constantly that we are. We've become a timid, licentious, manipulative, and manipulated people. We've confused power with authority, responsibility with subjugation, license with liberty. Those in positions of power abuse their position and the power that goes wi...

  • The Beautiful Garden

    When a child realizes for the first time that his friend's skin color is different from his own, he wants to know why. Given that attitudes of prejudice, discrimination and racism are generally taught and learned or "handed down" to children from others, The Beautiful Garden is a parable explaining why we should love, respect, and appreciate the beautiful variety of everyone God has created....

  • Don't Wait, Won't Wait!

    Don't Wait, Won't Wait is an educational book about why in the twenty- rst

    century it is still important to wait until marriage. Waiting until marriage is

    the best way to get to know yourself and your potential partner.  is book

    gives you revolutionary wisdom for success in your life, marriage, and career.

    With this life-changing information, you will have the tools y...

  • Yes (Jesus Says), I Will

    From the book of Revelation, we read that Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the one who is and was and is to come, the Almighty. In the book of Colossians, we discover that all is made by Him. Right back to the book of Job, we learn that He is alive. Then He declares in Revelation 3:20 that He is willing to come and dine with whoever opens the door to Him.

    This book po...

  • The Edge of Nowhere

    The tag pinned to Anna's dress simply read,

    "Annaleigh Thompson; Destination: Finley Valley."

    Annaleigh Thompson wasn't the only orphan forced to leave Logan's Gap Children's Shelter. Between 1820 and 1900, the few orphanages that existed had become so overcrowded they had no choice but to release young men and woman as early as their fourteenth birthday, expecting them to s...

  • Testimony and Destiny

    My name is Exodus and I'm going to share my painful truth with you. Before God entered my life, it was in shambles. I was awash in depression and shame, struggling to get through each day. I no longer recognized myself and wondered if life was worth living. I implored God to help me as wretched as I was. When he came into my life, he mended the broken pieces from the inside out and sparked a spiri...

  • Suffering Gracefully for God

    If you are looking to become more resilient in your walk with God while maintaining your peace and happiness throughout life's trials, or possibly gearing up to take even more chances in life through hope and faith, then Suffering Gracefully for God – Empowering Faith is a must read. It's no secret that no one and not even Jesus was exempt from life's adversity. However, Jesus always had a great...

  • The Arms of God

    In the immense heat of an August night, a shot rings out across a withered cotton field, and in an instant, a family is shattered.

    From the wonderland of a young man, wild and free on the rolling plains of West Texas, to the darkest horrors of Vietnam, Trace Clement is pursued by the abiding and distant presence of his grandfather, Fowler Clement, a man haunted by fidelity to the terms of ...

  • Padded Footsteps

    Padded Footsteps is a special testimony through poetry in hopes of helping others overcome grief.

    Finding an outlet to express one's feelings.

    "Through words we are connected, but through our

    testimonies we are alive." D. Martinez


  • Letters From the Wilderness

    I smiled as I walked down memory lane writing this page.

    It all started with an Uber ride in Cumming, Georgia, sometime in February 2017. There I was, a tad bit agitated about banking and financial matters, hoping I concealed my feelings as I rode in Pastor Denburk Gregory's car. He invited me to his church, The Full Truth Church of God Deliverance Center; and based on our very fir...

  • A Spiritual Checkup

    Just as we need to have check-ups to gauge our physical and mental well-being, we

    should also conduct check-ups to evaluate our spiritual maturity and wellness. In

    this book, Dr. Randy Bell Sr. urges readers to conduct A Spiritual Check-Up on

    themselves. He asks 10 questions that are necessary to determine spiritual wellness

    and then provides steps to improve and mainta...