Some of our recent titles
  • Never A Dull Moment

    The title says it all: Never a Dull Moment. I hope everyone enjoys reading this book of poems. I also hope that you may like it and that there may not be a dull moment in your life. Just stay in Christ....

  • Masonia Murders

    Sid knew the look on his wife's face.

    "Sleuthing," he said.

    "Meddling," Ellen answered.

    Ellen Collier, like Agatha Cristy's Miss Marple, had a reputation as an amateur detective, much to police chief Brower's anger and chagrin, calling Ellen a meddling old fool.


  • A Strange Land

    A tale of long ago, when the Southern Isles were invaded by the Northmen. A tale of Love versus Hate, Truth versus Fantasy, and Light versus Darkness. Will Good overcome Evil, or will vileness be the resting place of all?

    Cattia, a young woman who lost everything, will learn one of life's most valuable lessons: that love can overcome even the greatest and deepest of sorrows. But will it be ...

  • Has Anyone Told You What God Did for You?

    Do you long for unconditional love and acceptance? Do you feel as if your life is missing something? Do you feel like a ship lost at sea, floating uncontrollably wherever the wind blows?

    There is an answer for you, and it is closer than you think. You are not alone. You are not worthless and unworthy of love. You are desired and accepted for who you are right now. This book is a short summa...

  • Hollywood Assistant

    Once a personal assistant to famous entertainer Eddie Murphy. Donnie R. Johnson takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

    The luxurious lifestyle of Mr. Murphy's assistant lead Donnie on a journey through traveling abroad, fame, fortune, and prosperity first hand.

    Today, after being clean and sober for over seven years. Donnie is a Pastor with a degree in Theology, a motivational speaker, ...

  • Keep Fighting

    Do you have faith or strength to keep fighting?

    When Angela was diagnosed with leukemia, she thought that life, as she knew it, was over. She was faced with many trials and tribulations.

    Take a glimpse at her journey as she walks you through her most vulnerable moments. She becomes transparent while reliving her lowest and darkest points of her life. She feels her test has turned in...

  • Once Upon a Starry Night

    Even though the details of this timeless Christmas story never change, this version is different because it is told by the three wise men and the shepherd boy who followed the great star to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Who better to tell this story? After all, they were there and know the story very well. In Once upon a Starry Night, the Kings and the shepherd boy have a tradition of telling ...

  • Kiki and the Prodigal Bird

    As the story Kiki and the Prodigal Bird unfolded in my mind, I realized it was somewhat similar to the biblical account of the prodigal son. Hopefully, readers of all ages can relate this story to their lives....

  • Treasure Chest of Bible Knowledge

    Everybody should read this book.

    —Sarah Evalina Fitzpatrick

    The best Christian book I have ever read.

    —Jim Silence, Atlantic Beach Resident

    This is an excellent collection of articles on various truths of the Bible and the Christian life. This book contain...

  • The Mouse and the Meadow

    "Tell me a story, Daddy Dodd," my daughter would say, and my father would. From the moment she could talk, she loved to ask for stories, and that is how the world of Christopher Mouse began.

    Christopher Mouse is a field mouse living under a large rock in the middle of a sprawling meadow. The books follow Christopher Mouse through the meadow as he makes new friends, deals with predators, flo...

  • Letters to My Lord

    This is a book of prayers written to God. It pours out the heart and soul of its author, day in and day out. It represents a Christian's thoughts on many topics and covers honest, emotional, and compassionate situations and issues. Gwen writes to God in a conversational tone that reflects the feelings of each of us. She calls these Letters to My Lord and has shared them daily with other believers ...

  • The Redemption of John T.

    The Redemption of John T. is the story of a young man who was a great athlete but, due to his reputation as a young thug in his hometown of San Francisco, turns to becoming a member of a street gang under the control of the local Mafia family. His intelligence and cunning wits bring him success, and he rises rapidly in the Mafia family. The story follows his ascension to the very pinnacle of the S...