Some of our recent titles
  • Jake's Girls

    The story starts with Jake Pardee in Crayville, Colorado, where he works as a cowhand on the Circle C Ranch for the owner, Dan Christopher. On one of his rare trips to town, he sees Jenny and is instantly attracted to her. Jenny is the daughter of the owner of the general store. They meet, and their lives together begin.


  • Amy's Amazing Adventures

    Amy's Amazing Adventures is the biography of a child born in 1852 as the thirteenth of thirteen children. As her mother was dying shortly after her birth, she offered Amy to a dear barren friend. When she was two years old Amy's foster mother died. Amy was then given to another family where she was mistreated by the foster mother and brothers but learned valuable spiritual lessons from the foster ...

  • In Our Own Eyes

    The perils, thrills, twists and turns of a celestial battle between the forces of good and evil shatter the quiet of snow-covered Pennsylvania farm lands and the peace and good order of Washington DC. To avert economic disaster and suffering on a global scale, ordinary men and women are called into extraordinary service. Bonded by a centuries old oath and relying on faith and God-given gifts, wits...

  • A Scamee's Family in Crisis

    An elderly family member gets caught up in playing the scam games. It starts with an e-mail from a stranger from a foreign country saying that she has won a large amount of money and all she needs to do is to send in a fee to receive it. Over a period of years, these e-mails turn into frequent phone calls and suggestions that these people are watching her and may come to her home. The scamee begin...

  • The Life and Times of William "Thunder Eagle" Daisey - A Delaware Indian Chief: An Autobiography

    This book is about some of the life experiences of a retired chief of the Nanticoke Indian Tribe of Delaware. He informs us what it was like growing up in a state that tries to deny your existence. He tell us of the difficulties of trying to maintain your identity and culture in such an atmosphere. He shares some of his experiences in the hope they will promote a greater understanding between the ...

  • The DNA and Gene of God

    The DNA and Gene of God

    Read It! Dr. Blackmon has eloquently written an informative book, one that will captivate attention and the minds of those who will read it. Explore what it is to compile the building blocks of all things living as DNA strands.

    You will also find out through scripture how Elohim has intertwined his DNA through his Word so that we may live eternally. Compare t...

  • The War Within

    Drug addiction is terrifying. Drug addiction is gut-wrenching. Drug Addiction is all-consuming not only for the addicted person, but also for family and friends. Written from a dad's perspective, The War Within: My Story is a book about addiction and a family thrown into the horrifying situation of dealing with it in the best way that they know how.

    Because of chronic pain and a series of b...

  • Walking My Path

     This book is a compilation of numerous, inexplicable events transpiring

    over the course of a lifetime. The narrations are all completely true, each

    story compelling, some scary and gripping. Others garner a smile and

    shake of the head at the strangeness of it all. Is there something out there

    that hides in shadow and, every once in a while, gently whispers to us?


  • Portal Of Hope

    Portal of Hope presents a unique perspective on an ancient truth. Reading it, you

    will quickly discover that God has provided you, and every believer in Christ, with a

    "portal"—a passageway designed just for you, to help you find God as He wants you

    to find Him now and know Him as He wants you to know Him now—no matter

    what is going on in your life, or what you have...

  • The Essentials Of Leadership

    The troubles that have bedeviled modern societies on the global scale are caused by leadership failure. Focused leadership is critical in promoting peace in society, enhancing organizational cohesion and meaningful organizational life, and achieving the goals of an organization. The importance of leadership and the indispensable role it plays in the overall health and well-being of organizations i...

  • Marriage ~ As God Intended It to Be!

    For young couples and singles who aspire to enter the institution of marriage and for couples who are currently married, separated, divorced, or widowed, it is important to know that it is possible to enjoy a lifelong, divorce-free marriage. For this to happen, an individual must understand the following concepts:

    1. Marriage is not man's invention; marriage is God's idea.

    2. The inv...

  • Seaside Journeys of Faith

    If you liked Jay Diedreck's first novel, Klem Watercrest, The Lighthouse Keeper, you will certainly enjoy this second book, Seaside Journeys of Faith. This is a charming story about that fictitious and wonderful seaside community of Port James, Maine and her unforgettable characters. Commencing in 1880, author Jay Diedreck quickly transcends the reader to 1950, a mystical and enchanting time of tr...