Some of our recent titles
  • Nail in the Apple

    Jhanis Jhenkins is always plotting and scheming against her twin brother JJ, who usually knows just how to evade her plans. But finally, she got him . . . or did she? This is an adventure that will keep you guessing until the very end!


  • Long, Short, & Biggly

    The Long and Short Family stories are interactive. Pause slightly and see if your children can shout out before you say the Bolded word.

    Long Family

    In a beautiful home in a wonderful town in a magnificent state in the greatest country in the world, there lived a family called the LONG family. The LONG family live in a town named LONG Meadow. They lived on a LONG street and h...

  • Ramblings Of An Old Codger

    "You'll understand when you grow up."

    "Just wait until you have kids."

    "Well, when I was a kid..."

    "Just do as I say."

    "You're going to thank me for this someday."

    Gap: a space between two people or things; a hole or space where something is missing. (Merriam-Webster)

    Generation Gap: the difference in opinions, values, etc. between young ...

  • From The Heart of a Good Man

    From the Heart of a Good Man

    This is a book that comes from the heart.

    It inspires people to play a part.

    To play a part in the life that they live;

    When God has so much to give!

    It's meant to encourage and draw strength from each day.

    When it's left in God's hands there is always a way.

    It tells about God and the things he can do, <...

  • 101 Things You Can Do with a Chair

    ADHD is a rapidly growing diagnosis in our world today. Parents who face the responsibility of raising these special children often feel alone and overwhelmed. Sandi Motor has faced this with two of her four children, as well as in her classroom. 101 Things You Can Do with a Chair provides a lighthearted sharing of Sandi's experiences as well as things she has learned along the path. It is the aut...

  • Evaluating Treatment Experiences Among Peer Mentors

    Substance abuse among women has greatly increased over the last decade.

    Women involved with child welfare services appear to be the most affected. Chronic shortages of appropriate substance-abuse treatment hinder women needing help .The demands of court-ordered treatment state women must enter and complete six to eighteen months of treatment before child custody is reinstated.


  • Get in the Boat

    There is a story in the New Testament where Jesus asks His disciples to leave the gathering crowd and get into a boat with Him to go to the other side of the lake. While in the boat, a storm arose that caused the disciples to question Jesus and whether or not He cared. After Nathan and Sheena suffered their second miscarriage, they felt God put it on their hearts to get into a hypothetical...

  • Rex and Matilda

    Suddenly, Peter smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen. His mom was baking some of her favorite Christmas cookies! Peter waited all year for these yummy treats, and he ran into the kitchen for his first taste of the season. Any thoughts of Rex and Matilda drifted away—they were off somewhere sleeping for the winter. Peter knew that there really wasn't any chance of seeing them again...

  • Reflection to Rebuild your Identity

    How satisfied are you with your Christian walk? Is it the abundant life Jesus promised you in John 10:10? Or are you still struggling with the same old issues you have been for years? Let's get to the bottom of what the issue could be! In this book, you will learn what your identity is and how to walk in it by reshaping your mind with the word of God in practical ways that you may never had though...

  • Packing for Life

    There is so much confusion in today's world when it comes to parenting. Parents desire to raise good kids, but many lack the wisdom, guidance, and practical insight to get the job done right. Packing for Life: A Parent's Guide to Success will take you on a journey to discover God's plan for you as a parent and will unlock principles that will allow you to raise great kids—kids who love God, love...

  • Going With God

    Andy Morrow is a sixty-five-year-old widower on his way across country in his thrice beat-up RV. On his first stop, he winds up in a diner where he meets Iam, a strange man that seems to know Andy. Upon Iam's request, Andy decides to help a young man named Geoff to find his way. Although Iam has told Andy that he is God, Andy still has his doubts. As his journey continues, Andy comes to know God, ...

  • My Man's Cave

    The stories I have chosen to share include some of the special people who have touched my heart and helped to mold me. Each of the stories uncovers the direct impact that a simple day or moment has when a person shares their interests, experiences, and life's passions with another person. I have been lucky enough to have encountered some very special people in my life who have shown me how importa...