Some of our recent titles
  • The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

    The great importance of understanding the Old Testament Tabernacle is that it all pointed to Christ. On Mt. Sinai, the Lord gave Moses the "Pattern" for it, and it had to be followed precisely. We must also understand that every article in the Tabernacle was very important.

    Think about the "Mercy Seat"—it was here where the blood was applied. It was the meeting place between God and the s...

  • Muscle Testing God's Creation

    Did you know that God created a way to test his creation and ask it questions?

    God loves to have humans ask him questions about his creation and, of

    course, he always answers all prayers and questions, though this may be in a

    way you have never heard of or have been taught. People ask me all the time

    the question, "Did you really hear all of this from God?" Of course, t...

  • In My Father's House

    The Lord is the Builder of all Things

    Trust Him, Obey Him, Follow Him

    He will direct your path

    "All things were made by him; and without him was nothing made that was made" (John 1:3, KJV).

    Does life make you question why you can't have things your way when you ask for it?

    "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine ow...

  • The Overworked Shoes

    Michael and Stacey Weaver's busy lifestyle left very little quality family time for them and their ten-year-old daughter, Lauryn. Little did they know Lauryn's strange encounter one Saturday evening would change their lives, as well as the lives of others in their community, forever....

  • The Alphabet Inside

    With almost 40 years teaching experience, Lucille Giffone has read many alphabet books to children. Now, Ms. Giffone has created an alphabet book of her own. The Alphabet Inside is an alphabet book most suited for children in the middle grades or older. It is an alphabet book that evokes emotions rather than objects.

    This book is also a good gift for adult relatives and friends....

  • Mighty Adventures with Jesus

    This is a story of a young, God-loving boy who spread God's Word and was an inspiration to others. The story and title came to me as I restlessly lay in bed unable to go to sleep. I understood the reason for this book was because children need to understand how much Jesus loves them. I was inspired at the time that the title must be Mighty Adventures with Jesus.

    I want to dedicate this book...

  • In Dante's Footsteps

    This modern divine comedy, based on the original Divine Comedy that Dante wrote 700 years ago, tells the story of Tom Reed and how his early interest in Dante inspired him to make his own viaggio (journey) to the Underworld.

    After describing Tom's church upbringing and his joining, then leaving the church, the story continues in the Underworld (a.k.a. Hell) with a cast of characters Dante n...

  • Bewerearillas, Dogman, Skunk Apes, or Bigfoot and How to Find Them Successfully

    Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or achieving what you set out to do. Dustin Teudhope has certainly been successful at what he has set out to do in the forest. After encountering a big hairy predator traveling in a bipedal manner through the woods he was hunting, he made it his mission to get video footage of the animals, and he actually accomplished it.

    Now he has his...

  • Remembrance

    Remembrance is a short series of meditations on God's word for believers at any stage of life from newly hired to almost retired. Through these devotions, the author shares some of her personal experiences while living and working both in the United States and abroad with international students, immigrants, and refugees. She also hopes to encourage readers to write. The process of reading, reflect...

  • The Mentor

    Some of the major battles I have been pulled into through the ages by Jesus the Christ are in the following chapters of the book:

    • I Shall Spare the Child

    • In Your Mother's Womb

    • Spiritual Warfare

    • Victory Over Cancer

    • Signs of Destruction

    • Grasshoppers

    These are chapters based on a real-life experience I end...

  • Don Roberto's Daughter

    When Natasha, a young ambitious professional, moved to Texas to advance her career, she left her family and way of life in Mexico, and seemingly her faith. She never intended to fall in love with Sean, an American, who makes her laugh, understands her, and reawakens her faith in God.

    When she returns to Mexico, she struggles with separation from Sean, the allure of old dreams, and...