Some of our recent titles
  • Try Not To Forget

    Rick Logan was a long time rock and roll star or more of a twinkle at this stage in his career. His venues may have diminished, but his dedication and enthusiasm were still as strong as ever. He had just finished a gig in a casino in Tennessee and was on his way to North Carolina in a borrowed 1964 Ferrari 250 LM, when he had a run in with the local law. He was sentenced to thirty days of commu...

  • My First Book of Poems

    This book is a collaboration of fifty years. I was baptized in 1974, at the age of nineteen, and since then, I am almost sixty-nine. I thought I'd share my life and experiences I've encountered in my faith....

  • God's Footprints in Personal Life, Family Life, and Ministry

    Following God's footsteps and the mystery of God's will in Christian life and walk can be a daunting task. Multitudes of voices, life choices, and sociocultural options and challenges make it hard for one to perceive and understand clearly when God is truly speaking and what does His message entails. Thus, like Abraham, it may require an absolute departure from the habitual way of life to a far-ou...

  • Welcome Home Melanie Mae

    Melanie Mae's beautiful smile and loving character will delight children as they read about her adventures in a new home. Melanie Mae encourages learning as she goes through the days of the week with her new family. With the amazing imagination of two girls, who happily welcomed her into their family, Melanie Mae can do anything. Their days are filled with fun and excitement as they do photo shoot...

  • Musings Of A 4th Quarter Guy (From His Camper) About Church

    As people inside and outside of the church in America become more disillusioned with what they experience or see from the outside looking in, what will be the way forward for Jesus's bride the Church? In this book, I hope you will join me in taking a look into where we have come from and what might be a path forward. If we are not willing to take a look and wrestle with the church in our wandering...

  • While You Wait

    "Waiting is inevitable." I am sure you have already heard the words "change is inevitable." I would like to propose that there is another word that can be included in the inevitable list, and this word is waiting.We are in an era where most people use a microwave, enjoy eating fast food, and like everything to happen right now. Most of us do not like waiting. In this book, While You Wait, we are g...

  • Are We Different?

    Blue Bird said, “Please answer these questions for me.

    Why are creatures so different wherever I see?”

    Share in the journey of a little Blue Bird as he seeks answers from each new friend he meets. Will mother rabbit, the quiet deer, the wise owl, or perhaps a child know?

    This touching story, created from a mother’s heart and beautifully illustrate...

  • Josie's Stories

    Josie is a young boy who loves to jump up and down. As a new day begins, he springs into action; with a joyous “Good morning,” he greets everyone around him. Daily he wakes up with a plan, and as quickly as possible, he will jump into action.

    As he faces this brand-new day, his attention is quickly drawn to the birds and the butterflies as they are freely flying around.

    Today I w...

  • Inspired Book 2

    Tuesday, March 29, 2022

    Words that come easily to mind are always inspired

    by something. Some person, some memory, some

    event, etc. These words are meant to be read, enjoyed,

    examined, and hopefully, understood. Words that rhyme

    are the same. They are just put together, side by side

    a little differently.


  • Quotes for Signboards, Marquees, Church Signs, Inspiration, and Reflection

    Character is doing what is right when no one else is looking.

    Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.

    Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.

    Quantity is what you count; quality is what you count on.

    Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts.

    These are just a few of the quotations that I have included in this bo...


    Respair means restoration of hope. In this book, you will read about my life after a devastating car accident and my respair. This autobiography will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, make you inspired. Beginning from the moment I awaken from having spinal cord surgery, I detail the steep peaks and valleys of my journey, overcoming all adversity and trauma from the healing to process with...

  • Destination: Kingdom's Mansion

    I've learned through the school of hard knocks that life's journey is planned by God and not our own.

    My nuclear family, friends, and Christian exposure influenced the person that I became. I've learned that God's plans are not thwarted by our self-determination and direction. Eventually, I saw life through God's lens and gained a spiritual perspective over time. Through my life's journey o...