Some of our recent titles
  • Keep Yo Cookie In Da Cookie Jar

    This book gives godly living for women and little girls from the LORD Almighty Most High Living God. This book is the LORD's Last Day End Time perspective about da "cookie" that Steve Harvey wrote about. Steve Harvey wrote a book called Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. The LORD states that book is from a man's perspective about women, and da "cookie" Steve Harvey refers to is the woman's vagina....

  • The Gang on the Block

    School had just let out, and the whole gang was looking forward to a summer of fun, adventure, and mischief. If Linda played her cards right, she could tag along with her older brother, John, and get in on the action of playing baseball in the old abandoned field down the street or playing kick the can when it got dark. After all, the more the merrier. Someone else was thinking of getting in on th...

  • Soldiers of Christ - Advanced Bible Studies

    Did Adam and Eve populate the entire Earth?

    What is the truth about Adam's rib?

    Do people go to heaven when they die?

    These are just some of the questions people ask in life, but don't always get a straight answer. Or worse yet, you get conflicting answers.

    Different religions and different denominations have entirely different ideas on t...

  • The Heavenly Treason

    The Heavenly Treason is a book that explains about how the author, in his years of adolescence, gave his free will back to God, and through his faith and with the acceptance from the Divine, he has been touched by these forces that are surrounding us, and these have begun to influence his life.

    Through God's true words written in the Bible over two thousand plus years, we can find reassuran...

  • Shattered Dream Broken Heart Mended by a Loving God

    Everyone has dreams! Sometimes these dreams seem too good to be true. Sometimes these dreams do come true, at least for a while. This is what happened to me. Everything seemed to fall into place and I was literally on cloud nine. I already had a rough life up to this point and I was convinced that this event was going to erase all the bad memories from the past. I was convinced that this relations...

  • Heartache and Hope

    Our Bible teaches us that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Be strong, have faith, carry on. But what if our daily challenges reach a breaking point? How do we handle our grief then, witnessing dreams shatter like exploding glass? Suffering heartache so profound one cannot take another step? We ask God why? Why is He giving us so many tests? And when we finally muster the courage to mov...

  • Christ and You: Inseparable

    Be gutsy, try to lose Jesus. Tell Him that He is not needed, that He is not necessary.

    You will find that He is truly your father. No matter what you do He will always be there to


    He loves you more than you can imagine and no matter what He will always welcome you


    Most people say that you can leave Him. They do not follow it to the end. You can leave ...

  • Detrás de mi Sonrisa

    El libro narra gran parte de la historia de vida de una huérfana que Dios por su infinita gracia trasformó para usarla como adoradora y evangelista. Me inspiré a escribir este maravilloso escrito para darle un ejemplo claro a todos los leyentes de cómo Dios cambia la tristeza en muchas sonrisas....

  • The Perfect Christmas Gift

    It is Christmas Eve and Gabriel is eagerly awaiting the excitement morning will bring. He falls

    asleep dreaming about the presents he will find under the tree but awakes in the middle of the

    night to discover something even more exciting. An angel has come to take him on a very

    special journey back through time back to the night of the very first Christmas 2,000 years ago.

  • Me and JC

    Me and JC is a story of hope.

    Thumper's dream was to become a professional athlete, but his whole life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in the loss of his leg. Thumper felt his lifelong dream would never become a reality, and he lived in fear while battling the cancer. He had a hard time fitting in and was ashamed about the way he looked. Thumper was lacking confiden...

  • A Sailor's Yarn

    A Sailor's Yarn is a warm adventure set on the Great Lakes in the early twentieth century. There are great storms, love stories, and pirates. It is all wrapped in the study of a man coming to faith. You will meet the sultan, a larger-than-life character. There is a one-armed sailor, a cat named Habebe, a five-star chef, and their loves. Robert Loomis is the captain that leads his crew from one exc...