Some of our recent titles
  • His Steady Eye

    His Steady Eye is an autobiography of how the blood of Jesus Christ completely changed every dark and lonely aspect of my life. My story begins from my childhood to my transformation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Then from my transformation through my daily walk guided by the Holy Ghost. My book contains a various amount of stories that will intrigue, inspire, and bless. His Steady Eye is onl...

  • Really???

    If God can't help me, nobody can. This is a discussion of areas where God is not limited to and really can do all things when we apply his Holy Word—the Bible.

    Finally, here is a book that includes areas often missed in Sunday services called "testimonies," such as miracles that changed many people's lives and made them look at the Word of God much more than just a religious book but ...

  • Jesus the Christ

    Have you ever asked yourself why Jesus had to be baptized? If John's baptism was one of repentance, what did Jesus have to repent of? After all, He only did His Father's Will. There are thousands of questions out there regarding Jesus the Christ, just like this one. Have you ever wondered what took place one the Cross and what happened after He said it was finished? The fact is these questions div...

  • Grace and Mercy

    Six-year-old Sierra and her parents are moving into a new home. Sierra is excited about the idea of meeting new friends but finds out that it isn't as easy as she thinks. Saddened by the experience, her mother introduces Sierra to her two old playmates, Grace and Mercy, and then the adventure begins.

    Come and journey along with Sierra and explore with her while you laugh, smile, and...

  • Kool-Aid Soul

    "How do you explain the soul to one who is so little? And not make it complicated or as if it is a riddle?"

    A straightforward and practical explanation for kids (and adults) of all ages to the timeless question: What happens when someone dies?

    A true story describing the Christ-inspired answer to one of the most difficult questions anyone can ask.


  • Dried Up

    My passion is to reach out to everyone who claims to love Christ and remind us all of John 13:35—"By this, shall all men know, that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." A waterfall has the divine privilege of representing God's love in the way it is displayed. God's love, when permitted to flood through us like a waterfall, will attract the world with its unique beauty. When our...

  • Understanding Love through World Religions

    God created the world to share his love with humanity. Because humanity, starting with Adam and Eve, did not live by God's principle of love, we live in a chaotic world today. I believe the world can live in peace if we only practice the God-given principle of love. You will see in reading this book that one's religious preference does not matter, only practicing the principle of love matters. Aft...

  • Angels of Light for Children

    Angels of Light for Children is a summary of different Angels and short stories arranged in good proportions. The book is scripturally based on the King James Version.

    Know that the Lord, He is God (our father); it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture. Consider how much love the Father has given to us that we should be called children...

  • The Queen Of Chaos

    The Queen of Chaos is the story of a young queen named Chaos. She is full of adventure and love. Alongside her best friend Maggie, she discovers her special gifts when faced with the unexpected. Chaos and Maggie are unique free spirits that can teach any child the joy of imagination embracing their own perfect personalities....

  • Who Is God?

    This book was written to show all the facts from the Old Testament and the New

    Testament, verse by verse, as listed in the Bible. All of these verses

    demonstrate to the reader that God of the Jews is the same God of

    the Christians. God is One.

    In addition, the Trinity is not of Biblical content. It was added to the Bible, and all the ? decided to have it remov...

  • Finding The Face Of Jesus

    Kathleene Haley-Falls had an inner desire to "Find The Face Of Jesus" that took her on a thirty-five year journey to discover the real face hidden in the Shroud of Turin. Her quest began in the days of film photography and ended with the advancement of digital imaging technology.

    As a photographic restoration specialist she was inspired to restore a copy of the Shroud of Turin. She ...

  • You See My Glory but Not My Story

    You See My Glory but Not My Story was intended to

    be purely inspirational. Enclosed are genuine details of

    personal battles with breast cancer, heart attacks, anorexia,

    along with other hills and valleys I've walked. While

    some parts are heavy, it's important to emphasize my

    gratefulness to God for always seeing me through. Today,

    I lead a healthy and peac...