Some of our recent titles
  • The Wedding

    We are all going to be married one day…to Jesus Christ or to Satan…the choice is yours. The Wedding: A Girl's Journey through Life will take you on an exciting journey through the sixty-six books of the Bible through the physical and spiritual transformation of a girl named Elizabeth Stephens, aka, Lizzie. Each book will become a phase in Lizzie's life for which you will learn the relevance a...

  • No Laughing Matter

    No Laughing Matter is a series of reflections on humor, from its nature and necessity to its purpose and effect. The author writes with courage and spiritual strength gained while recovering from a debilitating stroke.

    Following his first two books: Wipeout: Journey of a Stroke Overcomer and Interrupted by God, Pastor Quam explores the essential role of humor and laughter in rec...

  • The Adventures of Grandma Mimi and Her Boys

    The Adventures of Grandma Mimi and Her Boys resulted from the numerous trips taken with her grandchildren. Upon reading newspaper articles about the latest openings of zoos, museums, and citywide events, Grandma was calling her grandchildren for a day of fun events. The metropolitan area and outskirts had many adventures to explore. As always, Grandma Mimi was always reading and ready to go. Trave...

  • Unexpected Journey

    Some of us experience things in our lives that we didn't expect to ever go through. We look for those words to express how we feel and never find them. In this book, I believe that you will find them through a poem or a passage you might read. We experience pain, bullying, heartache, loss, betrayal, and so much more even as adults, and in this book, I pray that you find words that will help you he...

  • Follow Your Bliss

    Debbie lost her son at age twenty-five. This is the story about her son, Davey, and the incredible, life-changing events he went through before his accident. It's the story of Debbie's life-shattering grief at her loss, her thoughts of suicide, and how she eventually was able to heal and try to move on.

    It's about the extraordinary relationship that Davey had with his sister and how that re...

  • Feisty Crazy Old Cat

    The reason I wrote this children's book: I love to write and I love children. The book is about the feisty crazy old cat. It is in reference to cats that always hang around trash cans and children who love pets.

    This book is how your pet could love you with bad intentions in their mind. The man brings a pet home to love and he gets more than he bargained for. This cat was found at a local b...

  • Join or Die

    With her conversational direct style, Elizabeth Richards helps distant events come alive

    and demonstrates the connection between the ideals and practices of our Founders and

    the liberties we enjoy today. As a primer of crucial events, it is a winner.

    —Dr. Charlie Self

    Professor of Church History

    Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

    Senior Advisor, The ...

  • Better Living, Better Dying

    Better Living, Better Dying

    Reconciling Freedom and Surrender in Aging

    The aging baby boomer generation born from 1945 to 1965 poses a real challenge in aging services for themselves and their families. Many of them are not well prepared for the challenges coming their way. Neither are their children. Most people are so busy being human "doings" they have overlooked developing as hum...

  • The Biblical Truth

    The truth about the Bible lays within the Bible. Jesus Christ warned us there will be many false prophets in the end of times.

    "Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves" (Matthew 7:15).

    This book identifies not only those false religious leaders but also how religions have become politically correct over bib...

  • Love on Hold

    A better way to love.

    There is a desperate cry among single women who feel ready to get married. They start relationships that end in heartbreak; they become wounded and grow tired. "Will I ever find a husband?" they wonder. "Why is this so hard?"

    Love was not meant to be this way!

    In her book Love on Hold, author Cintia Stirling challenges single women to take a leap of faith...

  • All Nature Sings

    All Nature Sings is a devotional book about animals in the Bible. It is written to answer the question, "What can we learn from animal characteristic traits as it relates to our Christian walk with the Creator of all things?" Since all scripture is "God breathed," there are lessons to be learned by looking into these created beings. This book can be used for sermon illustrations, Bible study, chil...

  • The Adventures of Mike Grissom


    (I) Getting together in Puerto Rico, with a new friend and ally, Mike Grissom and an old military comrade found themselves able to cruise the Caribbean and Southern Atlantic oceans in a beautiful private yacht, and at the same time with the help of mysterious drug chiefs, be able to eliminate a source of serious peril to the city of Miami, Florida plan...