Some of our recent titles
  • Born to Serve

    Samuel Sutton Jr. grew up poor in Kinston, North Carolina. His childhood home had no central heat or hot water. He and his family walked seven miles roundtrip to church every Sunday because they didn’t have a car. To help out, Sam picked tobacco during his summer vacations, starting at age ten. But Sam was to rise far in life from these humble beginnings. Joining the Navy in 1979, he embarked...

  • Messianic Psalms

    The book of Psalms served as Israel’s songbook. The apostle Paul, in his letters to the Ephesians and Colossians, wrote of the importance and use of the psalms in our worship. It is also a part of the rule of faith and practice in the church today. The psalms are God’s inspired hymnbook. Paul’s admonition to the church concerning the psalms is to teach and admonish one another in psalms. The...

  • No Longer Common

    Most individuals are going to find themselves in the “normal” trap.  He or she has dreams and aspirations for more but will allow “normal” to talk him or her out of it. The purpose of this book is to expose “normal” for what it is, open the eyes of those who read it to see that ordinary is no longer enough and provide insight into how to make an ordinary life, extraordinary.


  • Armor of God

    The Armor of God provides a fresh, encouraging, and fun way for your child to learn an important, biblical task. Knowing there is no escape from trials and discouragement for our children, as parents, we yearn to protect them from dangers in their path. Ephesians 6 is one of the best instruction manual for children and adults alike to find tools to protect themselves from the darkness we all will ...

  • This House

    Thomas Parkison Warne life’s work was to write this book. When he was twenty-one years old, he had an experience. “Gently, quietly, I know not when it came, the moment, nor when it departed…its overshadowing. The impression I had received remained with me, as clay under a seal (Job 38:14). This happening, the experience, the knowing of it, long it was with me. The course of the righteous ...

  • Going to America

    The United States for hundreds of years has been a “haven” for thousands and thousands of immigrants who have left their homelands looking for a better and safer life. This is a true and compelling story of one of those many individuals. It tells of the pain of having to leave behind one’s homeland—the struggles to get to a new country. It tells of the excitement of a plane flight for t...

  • Victoria's Testimony

    Victoria’s Testimony: Walking Forward, Looking Back Volume 1 is an autobiography series that walks you through the day-to-day triumphs and challenges of a lost child that had odds against her, but through them all, God provided a way for her to always come out of each situation victorious.


  • The Coronavirus and The Movement

    This book is about the issues facing our nation among the races, the economy issues impacted by the coronavirus, and the government by the people and for the people. This book is where God talks to us about these issues, understanding that the way to all solutions is him, by him, and through him, for if we live as one, we can conquer these issues of life and more.Exploring this book, you’ll h...

  • Puzzling Pizza Party

    It’s lunchtime, and Brady’s mom did not pack food for him. His rumbling tummy causes quite a stir, and townspeople share their tasty treats. Soon Brady and his hungry friends find themselves in a frenzy of French fries. They are pelted with pizza and dodging doughnuts! You heard it right…food fight! This LaLa-Limerick is first in a series of quirky kiddie conundrums with a humorous approa...

  • This Changing World

    And in the future: it’s your prerogative to make your

    choice of destiny so you can reign.

    This world is changing so fast,

    It’s hard to comprehend the changing past.

    Global warming is on its way,

    And Mother Nature is changing,

    Each and every day.

    In the future it’s your prerogative,

    To make your choice of destiny,

    So you c...

  • Mama Africa

    Mama Africa gets an audience with the King. Have you ever desired to bow in the presence before the King of all kings and share it all with him? Growing up in a Christian home and church, I was taught the power that comes from an honest, fervent prayer. Prayer can be sometimes a simple moment in our day that we might just stop and whisper a concern to God. Prayer can be even more powerful when ...

  • What Is Man?

    The contents of this work deals with life questions that I dwelt with in my journey back to God, questions posed by others as I struggled with my own faith, and yes, demons—I had fallen into several addictions.

    The contents of the book are the subject of one year’s worth of Sunday school teaching of the adult class of the Independent Methodist church of Elkland, Missouri.