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The Road to Getting Published

Manuscript Submission

CFP publishes titles in fiction, non-fiction, children’s, reference, poetry, biographical genres.  The first step is to submit your manuscript to us for review.  We have a team of editors and publishing consultants that will review your manuscript to assess its viability and potential fit with Christian Faith Publishing. We take great pride in the titles that comprise our catalog, thus we must be very selective and therefore only a small percentage of manuscripts submitted will be chosen for publication.  Once you submit your manuscript either online or by mail, a CFP Literary Agent will be in touch with you within 5 business days.

Proofreading & Copy-editing

A key component toward your book’s success is a thorough proofreading and editing process.  This ensures that your readers remain engaged by not diverting their attention with grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies.  Our professional editors will make sure your writing is up to the standards you and your audience deserve. Our editing staff adhere to the industry standard Chicago Manual of Style when editing your manuscript.

Design & eBook Conversion

CFP will format and transform your manuscript into a high quality finished book, complete with a custom cover design and page layout.  Our designers will work with you to create a one of a kind book cover for your approval. If you have a children’s book, CFP has a team of talented illustrators that will bring your book to life.  Once your printed book is complete, we will also convert your publication into an eBook format that will be available on all major platforms.

Marketing & Publicity

Our marketing and publicity campaigns are designed around each book we publish.  Many companies offer blanket campaigns that simply do not work.  CFP embarks upon a press release campaign that ensures we reach your target market.  We know the right steps to take in order to highlight your book in front of its intended audience. We will also create a custom web page for each author within the CFP website. This individual page contains the book cover art, a synopsis of the book, and direct links to the purchase page of every digital platform which is offering the book for sale.

Distribution and Royalty Management

When you are a Christian Faith Publishing author, you do not need to worry about the logistics of providing book stores with fresh copies of your book, handling returns, shipping issues, credit cards and other mundane issues that can be intensely time-consuming.  We ensure that every order placed is fulfilled immediately-whether it be an online order through Amazon or an old-fashioned book store- and we track each sale to make sure you receive every penny that you are due.  Christian Faith Publishing has partnered with one of the largest book distributors in the world- Ingram-thus allowing our authors availability in Christian as well as traditional and secular retail and online sales outlets both nationally and internationally.

What is Self-Publishing?

Cover Design

Editing & Page Design

Distribution & Author Royalties


Promotion & Publicity

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