A Christian Woman's Approach to Modern Dating

Amazingly, dating is like a lion in the jungle, where every guy likes different things about a woman. This book is a guide for women on the subject of dating and was written to empower women with their God-given spirit relating to dating. This book opens the possibility of being used in a woman’s study group. When a man is looking for “the one,” they know what they like and want. So to all women reading this, be yourself, love yourself, and see who you are and what you want. A woman should not change for a man. We, as women, have much more freedom in making decisions about dating. COVID-19 occurred in March. God’s whisperings and my own everyday dating experiences led to this literary work. This writing body was a therapeutic writing exercise for me, which metamorphosized into a guide or handbook for others. Yes, it relates to women, but a man could easily read it and understand one woman’s point of view. After all, dating is about communication and a two-way exchange. I wish I would have had this to read before dating so that I was more prepared, thinking, and ready to choose the best dating experiences. Historically, women passed on to their children, male and female, the critical details and traditions of dating through storytelling and wise anecdotes called oral tradition. The writing unfolded by the grace of God, and I am thankful. It is my sincerest hope that this book is a guide for healthy dating, and may it lead each woman into self-introspection so they can experience healthy dating. Be confident, talk to God, and share your wishes, fears, and joys too! Listen to the messages God sends you as a cue, and act according to his will for you because he wants what is best for you. God truly wants you to be happy.

--Dr. Stacy L. M. McDonald