A Guide Through Christianity

A Guide to Christian Living was written with the sole purpose of providing biblical insight revealing one’s spiritual condition from birth to death. Written from a Christian’s perspective using the Word of God, this resource is meant to help guide you with sound foundation biblical doctrine. The aim of this book is to ensure heaven as your eternal home. It is not meant to entertain, nor is it written to be politically correct. But it is written with the utmost sincere desire for God’s truth, not man’s, to guide you in life. The book is written in three parts: part 1 talks about before salvation. It explains sin and separation from God and the sacrifice of Jesus to bring us back into fellowship with our heavenly Father. Part 2 addresses the salvation experience involving repentance and the need and struggles toward spiritual change. Part 3 is about Christian living, and it describes the ups and downs of our progression toward sanctification and even holiness (not a hot topic but a very much necessary and needed one).This book is about the war between good and evil, which is ever present in the world today. The influence on mankind for good comes from God and is undeniably more powerful than any other. Yet the influence on mankind for evil coming from the devil is ever present yet highly defeat able in a determined, committed, God-fearing, and God-instructed Christian. If you struggle to be a better Christian, then let this guide help you. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Phil. 4:13).

--Rev. Gene T. Bolin and Sherman D. Clagg

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