A Love Affair with God

A personal relationship with your Heavenly Father will strengthen you, support you, and allow you to live a happier, more fulfilled life that is free from fear of death and defeat.

Knowing God, the Heavenly Father, will fill your heart with joy, provide hope for a brighter future, and surround you with his divine love and protection.

Scientists, astronauts, and multiple other authorities that have shaped the world as we know it are believers of Christ, God the Heavenly Father. Learn from them and about them in this book and enjoy your own faith-filled life and walk with God the father, God the protector, God the creator, and God the keeper of light.

This book is an excellent gift for anyone who has or wants to strengthen their relationship with Christ our savior, any new believer, and anyone searching for God the Father. This book would also be a great gift for your earthly father, a prayer resource, an educational tool, and a book to enjoy alone or with your family. This book is also a brilliant way to introduce the goodness of God the Heavenly Father to anyone who lacks understanding.

Remaining ever vigilant in a relationship with God is the ultimate form of life insurance. You have his love, protection, support, and wisdom 24/7, forever and always. I encourage you to have your own awe inspiring love affair with God.

--Dr. Patricia J. Vanderpool