A Walking Miracle: Alive

A mother of four Jocyeline Brewer suddenly gets reused to the hospital after working long hours for weeks at a time after almost passing out at work earlier.

As she was transported by ambulance, her children were the only focus. Getting settled in at the hospital and waiting in anticipation of the test results was terrifying. The doctor subjects getting a blood transfusion and call in an oncologist.

Jocyeline and her longtime friend (Rashonda Martin) return to her follow-up a few weeks later to receive the tragic news. Jocyeline’s life will never feel the same again. As she sat there and leasing to the worst of her life, her heart was pounding head spinning with fear.

Her doctor starts to explain that she has a life-threatening illness, and her doctors was right. Her life wasn’t the same from that moment on.

Jocyeline lived a life of monthly doctor’s visit, blood transfusion, and needing a bone marrow transplant.

All of what she has gone through has taken a toll on her. Jocyeline started becoming depressed. Being away from her children and family caused her to have a few setbacks. She did realize that she needed to change.

Jocyeline made a decision to give her life back to God. That was one of the best destinations she could have made. Just as she started adjusting to her new life in Christ, once again another crisis came. After being in the ER for two weeks again, she was transferred to ICU.

As Jocyeline began this journey, she began to understand that her walk with God wasn’t just about a healing for her body. It was a spiritual healing.

God began to work on her mind, body, and soul. Her faith proved to her family and friends that her life is an example of what God can do in anyone’s life. She has fought extremely hard for life. Jocyeline refuses to live in fear of death. She decided that she would teach her family how they were going to live with PNH and refuse to die from it.

--Jocyeline Brewer