Act Your Age!

Act Your Age! A command in these or similar words was heard by most of us soon after we learned to walk and often heard repeated as we trekked our way through childhood. As adulthood arrived perhaps you, like the author, have occasionally heard again that early exhortation ringing softly in your ears, “Now, don’t forget to act your age.”The author presents stories from his life as a suburban Oklahoma boy, time-study engineer, financial analyst, safety engineer, police officer, father of four, grandfather of fourteen and pastor that provide an intimate, candid, lively and imaginative chronology from his youth up to the present day of his retirement in the panhandle of northern Idaho. Emotions run the gamut from the deep sadness and vacuum of tragic loss to the joyful and raucous laughter found only in families. Occasionally rational explanation eludes all efforts and he is forced to fall back on divine intervention. Many were the opportunities that seemed to say Act Your Age! In some he did. In some he didn’t. You be the judge.

--Kenneth Harris