Angel Bumps: Love Taps from Heaven

Let me introduce myself. My heavenly name is Candace Joy, author of Angel Bumps: Love Taps from Heaven, the book that you are holding. When I was born, my earthly name was Candace Jane Summers.

I know without a doubt you are asking yourself, A heavenly name? What does this mean? God had given me a message, through a complete stranger, to change my name to Candace Joy!

Here is how it all began:

Two years ago, after many years of prayer and asking God to show me how I could serve him, it happened out of nowhere in a blink of an eye. I briefly met a complete stranger, Kathy Smith, from Jacksonville, Florida, at my grandson’s graduation.

My introduction was “Hi, I’m Candace.”

Within thirty minutes, she called me over with a message from God. Her exact words were, “Candace, God has a message for you. He wants you to change your name from Candace Jane to Candace Joy. You don’t have to the go to the courthouse or go through any legal work to do this. It is God’s divine message.” Immediately I knew and believed it was in fact a message from God. How did she know my middle name, Jane?

I had introduced myself only as Candace. I knew the answer. She was a living angel, a vessel, relaying his message to me through her. This was over-the-top. I had many experiences, but nothing to this degree. God was stepping up his game! He was ready to give me direction and my mission I had waited so long for.

Three days later, the conception of Angel Bumps: Love Taps from Heaven was conceived. I was writing a book. I began telling others about my experiences with angels, with much encouragement to begin writing. Being a perfectionist, I thought everything had to be perfect, down to the front cover.

It says in Matthew 5:48, “You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

I’m not perfect, but God gave me the perfect words to share; his Word. How much more perfect is there, than that? God also delivered to me in a short period of time that perfect angel, Chloe, who deserved to be on the front cover. She was love at first sight.

I invite you to walk down the path with me in my writings. I know you will feel and have your own personal experiences, a journey with our Lord. I pray that you will be blessed with the joy, love, laughter, inner peace, and harmony in your life. You will also experience the sense of humor that God and his angels have.

And indeed, there will be tears of joy and angel bumps.

--Candace Joy