As My Husband Would Say: Don't Love Me More Than God

Inspirations to writing poetry derived from years of experiences through life and thoughts from Ms. Derothea Simpson’s heart to encourage herself and others that no matter who is far or near, God is always with you. Just listen and meditate. You can also hear a word of encouragement from the Creator. Poems that can help you get through different situations and milestones of your life to get you through. These poems can help you calm your deep inter-soul and gives you peace while going through because as you know, if you live, everyone will have to go through life’s milestone and growth.

Some poems were written when Ms. Simpson awakens at night, in deep thought, throughout the day, or times when she was going through a trial and came out of that trial victorious. Ms. Simpson also was inspired of good times of joy, happiness, and love she experiences with family and friends. You have experienced these moments throughout life and can relate with this book in your own way.

--Derothea Simpson