Barely Breathing

Barely Breathing is an unforgettable memoir of a sonís love, sacrifice, and devotion to get to his dying father and to fulfill his final with against all odds.

When word comes that his father collapsed while on vacation in Salzburg, Austria, and was not expected to survive the night, Michael Peterson embarks on a last minute, desperate trip in the dark from Boulder, Colorado to be there for him in the final moments of his life. Running through the streets of Salzburg in the blazing heat of a late July scorcher, not knowing if his father was alive or dead and everything that follows becomes the prelude to the culmination of a lifelong search.

Through this epic journey and a series of remarkable and unexplainable events, Michael realizes an epiphany of spirit, love, life and meaning. Somewhere in the streets of Salzburg, a father is lost but a son is reborn.

Barely Breathing is a nostalgic, poignant account of the power of the relationship between a father and son and for finding faith and meaning in the face of heart breaking pain and loss.

--Michael Peterson