Behold!: Wedding Garments for a Bride and Groom to Be Worn Twice

In the car while driving away from the darkness of divorce, a woman experiences her first encounter with the living God. As it says in the Bible, when she didn’t know what to say, the Lord put words in her mouth, and she was amazed! Thus began a wondrous journey in faith.

She found a job as the sole clerk in a small needlework shop. Surrounded by fabrics and threads plus daily contacts with enthusiastic customers, she was drawn into doing fine embroidery herself for the first time in her life. Encouraged by the success of her first piece, she began to plan a way to express with needle and thread her thoughts about God and marriage, and the wedding garments were conceived.

An angel appeared to the woman to reveal God’s purpose for these garments, which purpose reaches far beyond anything she had in mind.

These garments have a role to play in God’s plan for the health, success, and happiness of marriages in the future. They represent something new and something old—a new fashion for wedding attire in which both bride and groom wear complementary garments and an old tradition that both bride and groom wear their wedding garments twice, on the wedding day and also on the day of burial. Their message spans centuries and continents.

“I loved the allegorical format of Mary’s latest book, Behold! It shares the biblical truths of the marriage covenant in a way that is easy to understand. Behold! will make a perfect gift for a newly engaged couple as well as an anniversary gift for those in long-standing marriages.”—Eva

“This book opened my heart to God’s heart and His original plan for His creation to understand the covenant of marriage—both of a man and woman and also of the covenant marriage of Christ to His Bride. The beauty of wearing such wedding garments when a bride is received by the groom on those two monumental occasions was revelation to me. What a blessing!”—Ann

--Mary Walmsley