Blade: Bold Defiance

Angels, like humans, have “free will,” and at times, they even disagree with what the Almighty has tasked them to complete, but only a few have ever defied Him: Lucifer, Lilith, and now the angel Blade. She had been in his celestial service for over two thousand years, and now she wants to experience all that is human. What Blade doesn’t realize is that to be truly human, she must experience pain, heartache, and betrayal in order to find happiness, pleasure, and love. She is subjected to human frailties, moral weaknesses, temptations, and arrogance. God sends her help in order to guide her along her chosen path, but only she can decide to listen. Because of Blade’s bold defiance, she sets in motion a chain of events that could very well destroy this fallen world.

--Timothy J. Turner II