Called to Live

God’s call for each of us is to live every day of our lives…every moment…for His glory. “Called to Live” is about serving Christ through relationships while placing our own relationship with Him as the top priority of our life. In his heart, Billy Coleman is a storyteller, and he brings many of his stories to this book. As an athlete, a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent of education, Billy brings a unique challenge to each of us to serve Christ “in the world”, wherever we are. “Called to Live” is for all ages in all walks of life. In Christ, one person can change the world, and it is our prayer each of us can become that one person! As we live each moment of our life, may God richly bless your journey with Him!

“Called to Live” is the true account of Billy Coleman’s response to Jesus Christ. It is one thing to write a book, quite another to live it out in a day to day relationship with every level of society. Anyone seeking a closer walk with the Master will find Billy’s book to be a spiritual road map. I encourage you to find time to live through the real life experiences of one who has and continues to hear and answer the “call to live”. Bert Goodwin Minister and Spiritual Director- Walk to Emmaus Community of the Mantle and Spiritual Academy Forum

I started reading “Called to Live” one Sunday afternoon and finished it the next day. I could not put it down. What a great book about real life. I thought the chapter on “Living the Moment” was right on the money. The journey is the real learning part the Lord wants us to focus on. “Called to Live” is about our journey with Christ!

H. Russell Lester III, National Board of Directors, Youth for Christ

--Billy Coleman